Granola was much more than an another WTF film. It was a entire journey wich begins with the client brief: they had been selling cookies a lot and becoming iconic without making any effort. The only thing they missed : a strong brand territory, made to last. So we create a identity from scratch. Starting with a new line: "Granola, it's hiding something extra" (because of pinch of salt that makes this cookies unique). But most importantly, we import non sense in France. And we took it seriously by making no compromise and bold choices.

And its gone viral. Some acclaimed us on twitter while those who did'nt understood this kind of humor threated us to death...


Selected Works

Nana (Libresse)How we broke menstruation's taboos

Okay (Plenty)How we surpass Facebook post standarts

Fjord By DanoneHow we spread scandinavian's culture on Instagram

Forbidden storiesHow we created an award-winning press organisation

Mountain RidersHow we made an award-winning CO2 free campaign

Respect ZoneHow we fought haters only with cheesy emojies

SamsungHow we made a outter space campaign

Reporters without bordersHow exiled journalists fought for french press freedom

Mountain RidersHow we raised mountain's protection awarness during the summer sales

L.A. FuelHow we turn bro brand into smart brand

WilkinsonHow we made a razoz film without any razor

OasisHow we became iconic

Dulux ValentineHow we made men interested by chosing colors

GranolaHow we imported nonsense in France

Nes By NescaféHow we hacked a anti-young weapon

RenaultHow we made unusual car commercials

Spirits CampaignHow we toasted despite alcohol advertising french laws